Discover visual analytics, spot trends and improve your impact with Performance Insights

Pi enables program performance monitoring, service delivery, and ROI of programs and services to make strategic decisions. Pi is a bundled suite of features for tracking students in preparation for college and career.

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Modern, Easy & User-Friendly

Performance Insights is the most modern and powerful platform for college access longitudinal tracking in the nation. It was designed to be efficient, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

Visual Analytics

Use the built-in and interactive data visualizations to explore, track, and drive your program’s goals.

Bulk Load Student Level Data

Quickly load all of your student level data with the built-in high performance data import functionality. Import demographic data, grades, attendance, and test scores.

Postsecondary Tracking

Track which post-secondary institutions your students attended with the National Student Clearinghouse interface. Export and import NSC files with a single click.

Program Measures and Indicators

With Pi, it is easy to link your program’s key objectives , to your services, and all the way down to the individual student.

Automated Reports

Use custom reports and pre-defined “push” reports to further enhance your view of your program. These push reports can be sent to stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.

Performance Insights was built by college access professionals FOR college access professionals. We know the work you do so we created an intuitive application to best support your mission and impact.

The Vela Analytics Team is Committed to Your IMPACT

We provide the opportunity to SEE the myriad of patterns and possibilities of student and program performance to examine the impact of project programming on college enrollment and the success of students.  

Move Your Organization from Metrics to Analytics

Many organizations track metrics to understand performance. What if you could predict what will occur instead of using data to explain what has already happened? Vela Institute can support you on a path of moving from metrics to analytics.