We Are Education Masterminds

Vela Institute is a non-profit organization of thinkers and doers tackling some of education’s most challenging issues. We operate at the intersection of technology and education to empower educators by offering enhanced decision-making solutions.

We Are Mission Driven

Our mission is to find effective solutions in education, make these solutions readily available to impact practice and policy, and promote a culture of evidence-based decision-making drives everything we do. Our mission makes your impact stronger!

Our team offers depth of experience in a wide range of college access issues including all aspects of grant management, human recourse solutions, evaluation, data tracking and technology.

This is Our Team

Our team works wonders

Jennifer Kearse


Todd Nolt

Director of Evaluation and Analytics

Alex Serrano

Director of Platform Development

Shawn Bergman

Director of Research

Matthew Hawkins

Assistant Director of Data and Support Services

Cameron Carswell

Assistant Director of Communications & Strategy